How does a baby bunny feel?

My children have two rabbits. Two rabbits became six (because that’s how rabbits roll). That’s right, this week, four teeny little bunnies arrived. My daughter is in love with her baby bunnies, delighting over their size, their colors, their little shut eyes and pressed-back ears. They are adorable.

I asked her what they felt like in her hand. She didn’t hesitate in her answer, “Like a small peach.”

Those words thrilled me.

I could feel the weight and fuzz of that small life nestled in my hand.

That’s the beauty of a well-chosen description. It’s exactly right and you get it right when you care, with all your heart, about finding the right words.

Here’s to finding the right words! And to baby bunnies.

(Originally published February 7, 2016)

Posted on Saturday, 11 November 2017

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